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Local SEO is all about optimising your site & local directories to be found for relevant local searches

By optimising your website and local listing for local search, you can help increase your search visibility as a business that serves its communities face-to-face. This is a great service for the likes of brick-and-mortar businesses with physical locations, such as shops and dentists, or service-area businesses that operate in certain geographic areas like electricians or cleaning companies.

Our local SEO services include the setup and continued optimisation of platforms like your website and business listings (citation management) that might include local directories and Google My Business.

Our Local SEO Services

Affordable Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

What's involved in this service?

Our Local SEO services helps to promote a business within a certain local area and region through Google.

We look at on-site optimisation best practice for local search, as well as Google My Business and local directory listing optimisation to help the businesses be seen across different platforms and locations.

Who is this service for?

This Local SEO service is perfect for businesses who want to focus their marketing of specific products or services within target areas and locations.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, or a physical product or service, our local SEO services will help you appear where you want to organically.

Local SEO FAQs

What you might want to know about our Local SEO packages

Got further questions, then be sure to get in touch.

What is the GMB profile audit?

This is a one-off action in the first month of activity, it helps us to understand how the website and Google My Business pages are currently performing with regards to local SEO.

What is NAP?

NAP means ‘name, address and phone number’.

The NAP and website consistency update looks at the accuracy of the business’ details across the internet – this is a search ranking factor for local SEO that impacts how high up in search results you might appear.

What are the local keywords researched?

These keywords are what we identify to be the terms your customers will use to find your business. It will include variations on the services you offer, as well as having a location focus. These will likely not change unless you introduce a new product or service which is why they’re capped.

What KPIs & metrics are covered in the monthly report?

The report will cover the organic channel – primarily focusing on the Google My Business page. It will include how many people saw your page, how many people intereacted with your page, and likewise for your website.

What are local directory submissions?

Submissions are entries on local directories, often referred to as citations. This is where we request a listing for your business and create the listing with NAP conistency. The local directories will be relevant and of good quality.

Google My Business SEO

Acquiring local search real estate

Google offers a fantastic bit of search “real estate”, giving you the opportunity to use Google My Business to appear on the side of desktop SERPs, mobile search results and Google Maps – and all of this is free. 

However, the optimisation of it isn’t a one time task and can actually be a very powerful tool for driving local business. You can use this tool to connect with and interact with customers, post business updates and see how customers interact with your business (map views, call button metrics etc.).

Our Local SEO services help optimise this platform to help you appear when potential customers come looking.

Local Directory & Citation Management

The digital equivalent of the yellow pages

A local citation is essentially any mention of your company online, whether that’s through business directories, industry-specific sites, blogs or other websites.

Through our citation management services, we can ensure all mention of your brands are consistent and optimised, an important factor for Local SEO, scouring the web for mentions of you, yourself and… you.

Our services also include new submissions to local directories, helping your business be found in the right, relevant places.

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