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Promote your products and services online with smart campaigns, highlighting your selling points and attracting new customers...

Smart campaigns are ads you can run through Google Ads to help highlight those unique selling points of your business, attracting new customers and achieving your objectives.

These are more simplified versions of search campaigns meaning they’re easier to manage but just as effective when run properly.

Our smart kickstarter campaign services cover; account set up, keyword targeting, ad creation, geo-targeted ads, Google My Business setup and connection and continued optimisation.

We combine Local SEO and PPC services here to create a cross-platform, ultimately optimised campaign to help you achieve your goals.

Our Digital Kickstarter Packages

Affordable Local SEO & PPC packages for businesses

Below you’ll find a breakout of the two Kickstarter packages we offer, based on two directional goals; driving more people to your website, or driving more people to your shop & site.

What's involved in this package?

Using a combination of Google Smart Campaigns (PPC) and Google My Business (Local SEO), these packages provide a great way of driving website traffic and footfall to local businesses.

Smart Campaigns work on a semi-automated Google Ads platform that uses data and machine learning to take care of some ongoing optimisations, but the manual element this package involves will ensure your accounts are in keeping with best practice, helping you get the most out of your budget.

Who is this package for?

This is a great package for those businesses who have one physical location and want to drive traffic to their website and footfall to their location.

A consistent media spend will be needed though to maintain traffic levels, as this does not impact organic rankings.

PPC is a very time-heavy activity, so this package takes all ad management off your hands and into ours.

What's your goal?

Do you want to drive more targeted users to your website?

Our traffic driver campaign will use smart campaign best practices, looking at running adverts tailored to bring in ready-to-convert or interested parties to your website.

This package will look at ad set up, research, creation and optimisation, as well as providing support and reports throughout.

Package priced at £300pm + VAT.

Do you want to drive more targeted users to your website & store?

Our kickstarter campaign will look to implement smart campaign best practices, running geo-located adverts to bring local audiences to both your website and physical store.

This package will look at ad set-up and management, as well as Local SEO best practices such as citation management.

Package priced at £499 + VAT.

These prices for the Smart Campaign packages are inclusive of both The Spark Agency management fees and media spend.

Smart Campaign Setup

from a premier Google partner agency

Our Smart Campaign packages allow us to set up your Smart Campaigns effectively and following best practice, helping you boost your business online.

Whilst simpler to run and manage than Google Search Ads, there are still huge elements of optimisation, budget management and more to consider in order to achieve your business objectives. That’s where we can help!

Local SEO Connection

linking your business profile to your smart campaigns

Linking your Google My Business and Smart Campaigns together gives you the option to boost your ads with relevant information, boosting footfall and traffic.

Connecting the two means your ads can show your business address, link to your existing (or newly set up) business profile and point towards Google Maps for driving or walking directions to your store.

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